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New Radio Ad Take Aim at David Jolly’s Lobbying and Praises Sink’s Proposals to Reduce Influence of Special Interests

Jolly’s Tenure as a “Proud” Lobbyist Should Give Voters Pause

Sink’s Proposals to Address the Influence of Lobbyists and Improve Election Oversight Praised by Reform Group

A new radio ad from Friends of Democracy criticizing David Jolly and praising Alex Sink began over the weekend in Florida’s 13th Congressional District with ten days to go before the special election.

The radio ad compares the record of Jolly lobbying for Social Security privatization with Sink’s recent proposal to reduce the influence of lobbyists. Sink proposed a slowing of the revolving door between government service and lobbying, enhanced disclosure of outside spending, and measures to strengthen the Federal Election Commission.

“Alex Sink has recently proposed a series of reform measures that would go a long way toward reducing the influence of lobbyists and providing for more oversight of our election laws,” said David Donnelly, director of Friends of Democracy. “The last thing Congress needs right now is a former lobbyist who pushed policies that would risk Social Security in the stock market to the delight of some Wall Street financiers who would make a killing on transaction fees.”

The radio ad buy, which began March 1st and will go through election day on March 11th, also reminds voters that they should get out to vote in order to reject the excessive spending by special interest groups. It ends, “the special interest groups that want to privatize Social Security are spending millions to stop [Sink]. But they don’t have a vote… you do.”

The ad is available online at

“This race has become as much a moratorium on how disgusted voters are with outside money as it is about the issues in the featured in attack ads,” said Donnelly. “Should Florida voters send Sink to Congress, they will be embracing the candidate with a solid reform platform and rejecting the candidate who was part of a system that puts lobbyists ahead of everyday people.”


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