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Audio: [Male Narrator, conversational] Most people are proud when they do something good.  When they accomplish something.  Or help someone.But David Jolly says he’s proud … of being a Washington Lobbyist.David Jolly is proud of being exactly what’s wrong with Washington! Jolly Said He Was “Proud” of His Lobbying Work In January 2014, the Saint Peters Blog reported, “’David Jolly’s proud to be a lobbyist,’ the ad says, showing a clip of Jolly saying he’s ‘proud of the work I’ve done.’” [Saint Peters Blog, 1/21/14]
Audio: David Jolly was paid millions to influence Congress.  And who did David Jolly lobby for?  A special interest that wanted to risk Social Security in the stock market. Jolly’s Lobbying Firms were Paid $4.9 Million According to Jolly’s Senate lobbying disclosure forms between 2007 and 2013 his firms Van Scoyoc Associates and Three Bridges Advisors earned a total of $4,987,000 from his lobbying clients. [Data Compiled from the US Senate Lobbying Disclosure Act Database, accessed 2/27/14]

Jolly Lobbied for “Social Security Reform” on Behalf of Free Enterprise Nation

According to his 2009 lobbying disclosure form, Jolly lobbied on “Social Security Reform” on behalf of his client Free Enterprise Nation. [US Senate, Lobbying Disclosure Form, Signed 11/20/09]

Free Enterprise Nation CEO Advocated for Privatization of Social Security while Jolly was Their Registered Lobbyist

In 2010, Jim MacDougald, identified on air as the founder of The Free Enterprise Nation said he supported private Social Security accounts. During an interview MacDougald was asked whether he supported the idea of personal accounts for Social Security benefits.

He said, “[we] should definitely do that. When Social Security was invented in 1935 they didn’t have computers. They couldn’t keep track of how much you actually had in your account. They can do that today. There’s no question that you should have some authority to invest your own portion of your own money and to keep the governments hands off it,” MacDougald said during an interview on The Kudlow Report.

At the time, Jolly was the registered lobbyist for the organization. [The Kudlow Report, CNBC, 7/12/10, Center for Responsive Politics, Jolly Lobbying Summary 2010, accessed 2/4/14]

Audio: AARP says risking Social Security in the stock market would quote “eliminate the guarantee … and reduce benefits.” That’s what David Jolly is proud of? AARP Opposes Privatization of Social Security Because It “Would Eliminate the Guarantee that Social Security Provides and Reduce Benefits” In June 2011, the AARP stated in a press release, “AARP strongly opposed a privatization plan in 2005, and continues to oppose this approach, because it would eliminate the guarantee that Social Security provides and reduce benefits, and we are currently fighting proposals to cut Social Security to pay the nation’s bills.” [AARP Press Release, 6/17/11]
Audio: Alex Sink is different – she’ll stand up to the special interests, crack down on lobbying, and protect Social Security. Alex Sink Announced Lobbying ReformsIn February 2014, Sink announced lobbying and campaign finance reforms she would push if elected to Congress. According to her press release, “Alex’s principles for reform include doubling the “cooling” off period before former members and staffers can lobby, increasing disclosure for third party groups, enhancing transparency for lobbyists, and increasing the ability of the FEC to hold groups accountable. More information about these proposals is available below.” [Alex Sink for Congress Press Release, 2/24/14]

Alex Sink Will Protect Social Security

According to Sink’s website, “In Congress, I will stand up to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits that Pinellas County seniors have earned over a lifetime of hard work, working to strengthen and preserve these critical programs for seniors today and for future retirees.” [Alex Sink for Congress Issues Page, accessed 2/27/14]

Audio: But Alex Sink needs to win this election first … and the special interest groups that want to privatize social security are spending millions to stop her.But they don’t have a vote…you do. Alex Sink for Congress.  Tuesday, March 11th. Special Interest Groups American Crossroads, American Action Network and the US Chamber of Congress Have Spent $1.65 Million against Sink. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 2/27/14]Karl Rove’s Network of Outside Money includes American Crossroads and American Action Network

In April 2011, the Center for Public Integrity reported, “Rove’s drive to help funnel funds into the coffers of outside GOP groups goes further than American Crossroads, to include the American Action Network, another group hoping to raise about $25 million to assist Republican Senate and House candidates. Former Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., the CEO of American Action Network, credits Rove, along with Gillespie “in helping [the] group with some initial fundraising.” The network shares a suite of offices with American Crossroads, on the 12th floor of a modern office building on New York Ave., a few blocks from the White House, in Washington.” [Center for Public Integrity, 9/16/10]

Karl Rove Helped Shape President Bush’s Attempt to Privatize Social Security

In January 2005, the Washington Post reported, “President Bush’s political allies are raising millions of dollars for an election-style campaign to promote private Social Security accounts, as Democrats and Republicans prepare for what they predict will be the most expensive and extensive public policy debate since the 1993 fight over the Clinton administration’s failed health care plan…White House officials, led by Karl Rove and Charles P. Blahous III, the president’s policy point man on Social Security, are helping to shape the public relations campaign, said the officials, who talked about private discussions with the White House on the condition of anonymity.” [Washington Post, 1/1/05]

US Chamber of Commerce Backed Personal Accounts for Social Security for Younger Workers

According to the US Chamber of Commerce website, “A key part of the plan to fix Social Security is the establishment of voluntary personal retirement accounts for younger workers. Personal retirement accounts will give younger workers the opportunity to build a “nest egg” by investing part of their Social Security taxes in conservative bond and stock funds.” [US Chamber of Commerce, Social Security Reform and Seniors, 8/4/10]

AARP: “Private Accounts” and “Personal Accounts” Same as “Privatization”

According to AARP, “‘Privatization’ is often used as shorthand for the idea of diverting part of the money workers currently contribute to Social Security into individual private accounts. The other word frequently used is “’personalization.’ […]Call it what you want-‘privatization’ ‘personalization,’ ‘carve-outs,’ ‘private accounts,’ or ‘personal accounts’-the fact is that this would hurt the financial health of Social Security and poses a threat to the retirement security of millions of Americans and their families.’ [AARP, accessed 5/11/05]

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