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Dear Friend of Democracy,

I believe that the power of many of us working together can beat the small handful of billionaires who think it’s okay to buy elections. I know you do, too.

At Friends of Democracy, we’ve embraced the irony of being a super PAC fighting against big money in politics because we believe in being pragmatic and fighting fire with fire. And so I am happy to welcome a new friend into this fight. Lawrence Lessig’s new Mayday PAC is a strong ally to our cause, an ambitious super PAC dedicated to putting our democracy back in the hands of everyday Americans.

Mayday PAC is “kickstarting” their efforts in an incredibly exciting way. Please consider making a pledge of $25, $100, $200, or more to Mayday PAC today.

If you’re not familiar with a kickstarter effort, here’s how it works:

Between June 4th and July 4th, if people like you pledge $5 million in small amounts, it will be matched by pro-reform, wealthy individuals for a total of $10 million in this important fight. But if they fall short of their $5 million goal, you’re off the hook for your pledge. In other words, it’s an all or nothing proposition.

That’s why it’s vital that we all help them meet their goal.

I just made my own pledge of $200. Please join me today.

If Mayday PAC is successful in its fundraising drive, they will immediately go to work to defeat opponents of reform. We will work closely with them to ensure that together we leave our mark on the 2014 elections by throwing out anti-reform politicians and replacing them with those who share our values.

Even if Mayday PAC falls short, they have already succeeded at one goal: they are engaging tens of thousands of Americans as active participants in taking our democracy out of the hands of the very rich. Together we can break the prevailing cynicism that leaves too many of our fellow citizens throwing up their hands in disgust while letting the politicians and their funders off the hook.

That’s why we at Friends of Democracy have taken the unusual step to ask you to support someone else’s work. I hope you’ll do that.

 All the best,

David Donnelly

Director and Co-Founder

P.S. At the risk of breaking all the rules about fundraising by including a second ask, if you’re interested in supporting Friends of Democracy’s work, please make a donation here.