Rep. Dan Lungren

Dan Lungren has taken more than a million dollars from Wall Street interests and voted repeatedly to let the big banks off the hook. When it comes to women's health care, Lungren has sided with the insurance industry — after receiving nearly $200,000 from them — rather than with you. And he also voted to privatize Medicare, which will line the insurance industry's pockets. Adding insult to injury, Lungren wants to allow for unlimited political donations to candidates, which will just lead to even more corruption. We need to say No to Dan Lungren.


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TV Ad: Get In the Game


VO: Do you feel frozen out like this by Congress? No wonder. Corporate lobbyists have your congressman’s full attention.

VO: Your congressman, Dan Lungren, took over $1 million from financial interests,

Lungren has received at least $1,014,368 from the finance, insurance, and real estate sector for his congressional campaigns over his career. This figure is based on data from the Center for Responsive Politics, accessed July 31, 2012.

VO: and voted against holding them accountable.

Roll call vote 88, Frank amendment to HR 1, Feb. 17, 2011; Roll call vote 87, Scalise amendment to HR 1, Feb. 17, 2011; Roll call vote 198, HR 839, Mar. 29, 2011; Roll call vote 621, HR 1315, June 21, 2011; Roll call vote 888, HR 3010, Dec. 2, 2011.

VO: If we don’t vote against Dan Lungren, middle class families will never get in the game.