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Charlie Bass has taken over $358,000 from insurance CEOs, lobbyists, and PACs while voting to allow them to discriminate against women when it comes to providing equal coverage. Bass has refused to back real reforms, and has even voted against disclosure that would allow us to know who’s funding the attack ads, but has used his access to benefit family business and make a profit for himself. Then, he lied to the media about it. It’s time to say No to Charlie Bass.

Friends of Democracy targeted 28,453 voters in the race between incumbent Representative Charles Bass and challenger Ann McLane Kuster. Rep. Charles Bass was defeated by a margin of 17,096 votes.


Charlie Bass: Trading Influence for Personal Profit

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VO: Do you feel frozen out like this by Congress? No wonder. Corporate lobbyists your congressman’s full attention.

VO: Your congressman, Charlie Bass, took $166,000 from Big Oil,

Bass has received at least $166,210 from the oil and gas industry over his career. This figure is based on analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics covering contributions through December 2011, downloaded in bulk on April 30, 2012. This amount includes money raised for Bass’s leadership PAC, Monadnock PAC.

VO: and voted to give them billions in taxpayer subsidies.

Roll call vote 109, Markey amendment to HR 1, Feb. 18, 2011.

VO: If we don’t vote against Charlie Bass, middle class families will never get in the game.